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About Us

In 2002, the Elephant Pharmacy opened its doors in Berkeley, California. Founded by a group of committed people with a passion for health, wellness and education, Elephant Pharmacy was created to offer health-conscious consumers a health- and wellness-minded product selection, superior customer service, and easy access to information through a free customer education program.

Over time, Elephant Pharmacy grew into more than just a drug store. Not only did the stores carry an impressive selection that included over-the-counter drug store remedies, herbal remedies, bulk herbs, vitamins, supplements, body care and cosmetics; but also products that supported a healthy lifestyle, from natural foods to healthy household supplies; from yoga gear to home accessories, gifts, books and more. We successfully partnered with carefully-selected teams of wellness practitioners that offered free, one-on-one consultations every day, as well as local and visiting experts that lead hundreds of free classes and clinics every month in every store.

Today, the Elephant Pharm continues to embrace our original principals and passions through our website, www.elephantpharm.com. We are proud to offer an extensive handpicked selection of quality products formulated by well-known practitioners and free access to education providing an easy and convenient solution to support a healthy lifestyle.