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Arnica Relief Unflavored Tablets


Arnica Relief Unflavored Tablets

60 ct / Tablets

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Arnica Relief Unflavored Tablets

Active Ingredients: Arnica montana 4X, Belladonna 4X, Bellis perennis 4X, Calendula officinalis 4X, Chamomilla 4X, Hamamelis virginiana 4X, Hypericum perforatum 4X, Rhus toxicodendron 6X, Ruta graveolens 6X, Mercurius Solubilis 8X

Inactive Ingredients: cellulose, dextrose, lactose, magnesium stearate

Directions Adults & children over the age of 12: Start with 2 tablets. Chew tablets and allow to dissolve in the mouth, then reduce to 1 tablet every 2-4 hours as needed. 

Children 6-12 years: Use one half the adult dosage.

Not recommended for children under the age of 6

*This homeopathic product is based on traditional homeopathic practice and theory. The FDA has not evaluated this product and is not aware of scientific evidence to support homeopathy as effective. 90 day money back guarantee!

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