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PH Test Strips - 100 ct


PH Test Strips - 100 ct

100 ct / Strips

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For testing the urinary and saliva pH only. Our pH medical testing strips are designed to read correctly in solutions that have dissolved solid concentrations above 1.0%. These types of solutions are inherent in bodily fluids but specifically urine and saliva. Testing solutions which do not have dissolved particulates (i.e. tap water, distilled water, rain water etc.) will yield incorrect results.

For best results quickly dip the VÄXA's Medical pH Testing strips into the solution and immediately remove it. The strip will begin to change colors. Align the strips to the provided chart to determine the pH. Do not leave the strips in the solution for more than 2 seconds; readings must be verified within 20 seconds of exposure to the tested solution. Discard immediately any used or exposed Medical pH Testing strips. Store in a cool, dark, and moisture free area.