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RX Pharmacists

RX Pharmacists

Elephant pharmacists dispense prescription drugs and also provide information to help you understand the medications and how they might interact with drugs, as well as any vitamins, supplements, or herbs you might be taking.

All of our licensed pharmacists are trained in a four-year program that leads to a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, known as a Pharm.D, or a registered pharmacist credential, known as R.Ph. These programs include coursework in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology (effects of drugs on the body), toxicology and pharmacy administration. Pharmacists must also pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam and a test of pharmacy law in order to practice. Several of our pharmacists are experts in the science of compounding. That means we can custom make medications your doctor (or veterinarian!) prescribes in dosages and forms that aren't available from commercial manufacturers.